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Hot girl - Escorte d'élite

endroit: Rotterdam, Les Pays-Bas

Âge: 26

nationalité: La Roumanie

Orientation: Hétérosexuel

Eye: Blonde moyenne

Height: 170 cm ~ 5.58 feet

Weight: 50 kg ~ 110 lbs

Languages: english

Available: 24/7 outcall

Availability: Outcall

Au sujet du travels: yes

Au sujet de:

Unbelievably hot and seductive,this gorgeous blond beauty is a pure pleasure machine,wrapped up in a feminine,sexy package!

Eva is a very exciting,sensual girl who loves to tease,be teased,and finally give in to pure built-up-bliss.

escort service,massage,blow job,69,dominant
150 euro per hour