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Créé à: 2018-11-21
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Daniela Top Escort Girl - Fille privée

endroit: Amsterdam, Les Pays-Bas

Adresse: Amsterdam

Âge: 25

nationalité: L'Australie

Orientation: Hétérosexuel

Eye: Noir

Eye: Blond

Height: 168 cm ~ 5.51 feet

Weight: 50 kg ~ 110 lbs

Languages: English

Available: 24/7

Availability: Outcall

Au sujet de:
Daniela is just like a mouth of spring water waiting to be sacked. When you meet Daniela, you will fall in love with her sexy smile and exciting features. She will make all your fantasies comes true. She knows what to do from the moment she lays her eyes on you. If you are looking for a memorable experience, Daniela is the best choice.
1 Hour - 160 Euro
2 Hour - 320 Euro
3 Hour - 450 Euro